Fish So Nice They Named It Twice!

I get a lot of inquiries at Destin Fishing Charters about mahi mahi – fish so nice they named it twice! Mahi Mahi typically start showing up in June and July and run through September. We sometimes get them while trolling in Destin, but more often and not there will be something floating in the water like a weed line or sea turtle and the mahi will be hanging out under them. Usually, when there is one mahi, there are a lot more with it!! The mahi in Destin tend to be the smaller “chicken dolphin” but they are still beautiful and tasty! The larger dorado are usually found further South than the Florida Panhandle. Though mahi are somewhat rare in Destin,  you always have a great shot for them when the water is warm!! Call or text Destin Fishing Charters to get booked!!