April Forecast – Fishing in Destin FL

If I were a betting woman I’d say that in every fisherman’s report this month the word “COBIA” will be mentioned. And that’s because…Cobia fishing is the highlight of the year for many fishermen here in Destin – including me. It’s THE reason to get out of bed for many fishermen in the month of April.
Cobia fishing in the panhandle is the perfect concoction of hunter meets fisherman. You have to see them first and then take aim with a lucky jig or a live eel. Cobia fishing is a lightweight jacket in the morning, live crawfish in the evening and nightmares of the missed shot on a pair just out of reach. It’s the light tackle tug and the hours of boredom intertwined with moments of pure chaos that keep your cobia fishermen coming back for more. Destin was/is the cobia capital of the world. The main reason is that our water is so clean and you can target them during their migration pattern.
Every year is different in April when it comes to Cobia. Sometimes they will show up in waves and sometimes they will trickle in throughout the month. Occasionally they are close to the beach and can also be found a few miles offshore. One thing is for sure though…you can’t catch them on the couch. I could literally spend the entire month in the tower sight-fishing. I’ve grown to really love and enjoy and respect Cobia and the ways in which we target them here on the Emerald Coast.
“Trust me, it’s much more than casting a hook into the water.”
-Denise Hughes
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